Who We Are


The Fire Department responds to an average of 300 calls for assistance every year. These responses include but are not limited to structure fires, car fires, alarm activations, carbon monoxide emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, utility emergencies, pumping out flooded basements and providing mutual aid assistance to other communities. These jobs and more are answered by the department's volunteer firefighters operating three Pumpers, one Ladder Truck, and one Heavy Rescue Truck.

In addition to the emergencies responded to by the department, members also participate in special fund raising projects, parades, fairs, public education, and an ever increasing list of community oriented events.

In order to prepare for the multitude of situations faced by the Fire Department, our firefighters participate in a very demanding training schedule. A regular drill is scheduled for every Wednesday with special drills conducted other nights or weekends as required. Because firefighting and the other jobs done by the members of the department are inherently dangerous, training never ends, lives depend on it.

In the Beginning

For the better part of 130 years the Metuchen Fire Department consisted of two separate fire companies, each of them older then the town itself.

The Eagle Hook & Ladder Company was organized in 1882 by residents concerned with the threat of fire due in large part to the sparks and hot embers thrown off by passing railroad locomotives.

Then in 1897, another group of dedicated residents organized the towns second fire company the Washington Hose Company. Together, these two groups of volunteers protected our community for more than a century.

To optimize services, steps were taken to reorganize the Fire Department and to modernize its operations. Then on Wednesday, July 7th 2010, the members of the two fire companies gathered in Borough Hall and finalized the consolidation process, creating the newly organized Metuchen Volunteer Fire Company.